Tour Packages

For Premium Tour Package, in order to maintain our service quality, we would only accept one group booking at a time, instead of combining different groups together. If you have any ideas or questions, please email us. We can have further discussions and schedule adjustments about it. Thank you.

Premium Tour Package


Our premium surf tour package offers you luxurious accommodation throughout the island with surfing and adventure at your discretion. You decide; surf all day long, hike along hilltops and forests, or relax at one famous hot springs. Choose your own itinerary day to day, in between swells and sessions, we can take you to the best locations, be it hidden gems or well-known marvels.

Hotel (one ocean room)
  Number of days (nights) ppp*
Persons per tour 5(4) 7(6) 10(9)
2 $1200 $1350 $1800
3 $1050 $1200 $1500
4 $900 $1050 $1300
5-6 $900 $1050 $1300
Hotel (Two ocean rooms)
  Number of days (nights) ppp*
Persons per tour 5(4) 7(6) 10(9)
2 $1500 $1900 $2800
3 $1400 $1700 $2450
4 $1300 $1500 $2100
5-8 $1300 $1500 $2100

*price per person


We provide more services in the tour packages from now


  • Bilingual local tour guide and driver
  • Two Volkswagen T4S (6 people per van including surfboards and luggage comfortably)
  • Airport or train station transfers
  • Premium accommodation Island wide
  • Nature and Cultural activities and tours
  • Breakfast, water,soft drink
  • Surf board rental (soft top, SUP and small range of short boards. Contact us for availability)
  • Surf lessons/coaching
  • Professional Photos of your surf sessions(Canon 7D2 and 100-400m)
  • A mobile phone SIM card with free internet

Optional extras (subject to excess charge)

  • Lunch and dinner meals are not included. Delicious local delicacies can be bought for as cheap as $3 USD, or if you prefer, luxury dining is always at hand. For offering the best service and quality, we only accept one reservation in one time. If you have any idea question ,please email us , Thank you.